Our testimonials

She eats so well!! And yesterday I took daisy to the vet, and they said that she was really healthy. 4 times a day, I feed her, and it’s all right. She enjoys playing in a living room with people and lying on the sofa. I expect also to give her in a few weeks’ time to pet kindergarten. In the kindergarten I hope she enjoys.

Lisa & Jimmy / New York , USA

I changed her name to stone. The name suits her personality because wherever we go she is a bell of the ball. We were on the train and bus and people took pictures with their mobile phones and one woman just chased me into the grocery store to pet her – but she got a pet shop and began to use the pads!! The pet shop is very helpful! I find her very clever and enjoy interaction with people and time to play. Thanks for all the assistance, details and competent packaging with its documents. As soon as we got in touch, she came a little nervous but soon warmed up.

Jonas family / Texas ,USA

Thanks so much for the puppy, I have been going through a lot lately this little cutie has really calmed me down . He was a little bit shy at the beginning but we eventually alone pretty damn fast and i am so happy right now my life is gradually taking shape again after a long while .

Brenda / South Dakota , USA

Hope you and your family will find this email well. Bella does well, she’s all potty trained, and when she wants to go out she will sit at the back door. In specific, Haha, we are working on it, she bites on everything. She’s so grateful that she loves us all around the home. She Enjoys all her toys and bones and time for the water. Her procedure was spayed today, she had it. She does well until today, she had ate and drank, so she should be back to normal and play tomorrow. She has ate and drank. I’ve got a few photos attached. Today before surgery, she was weighed at the vets and weighed 29 lbs so that she does well and is fast increasing.

Clara & Toney / New jersey , USA

I just picked up jones from the airport so cute and lovely as her pictures showed .  She is bolder than I though we bonded immediately we met and we have been best friends since then.

Lara / MaryLand, USA

Yesterday I took the puppy to the vet to have him checked. The veterinary surgeon owns a Pit-bull himself .He told me Brandon came from a good bloodline. I wanted to thank you so much, therefore, on that note again.

Smith family / Colorado,USA